28 March 2015

San Francisco, from Golden Gate Park to Downtown: 28 March 2015

It was another lovely, sunny, and balmy day in the Bay Area. I must say, however, that I would really like to have some significant rainfall before the rainy season ends. 

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Some of the many birds that are currently residing at Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park

A map of the route. The approximate distance traveled as tracked by GPS was 7.6 miles. The approximate cumulative elevation gain was 546 feet. Mile markers are shown on the track.
This chart shows the elevation changes encountered during the ramble.
You don't see many flying buttresses in the United States. They're common in Europe, especially England, France, and Italy, but not in the US. So, it is always pleasant to view the flying buttresses that are an integral part of the architectural design of St. Dominic's Church
The Carnegie Library is located at 351 9th Avenue in the Richmond District of San Francisco. It was opened to the public in 1912 and it was updated in 2009.
A view of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's Presidio Avenue electric bus maintenance yard
No flying buttresses here! This is a detail of the entryway to a duplex located at 2107-09 Pine Street
The Tadich Grill has been in business since 1849. It is located on California Street in the Financial District. 

"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange 

"Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important." Henri Carter-Bresson

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." Alfred Eisenstaedt

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