26 March 2015

A ramble from the North Berkeley BART Station to the Orinda BART Station: 26 March 2015

It was a glorious day in the Bay Area. The temperature in Berkeley was in the low 80s, and the sky was clear. Donna joined me on this ramble. We walked through the University of California campus. It is now Spring Break, and there were few people on campus. We then cranked up the Berkeley Hills, and after catching our breath, we dropped down the east side of the Berkeley Hills concluding the ramble at the Orinda BART Station... lovely.

The route of the 26 March ramble. The approximate distance traveled as tracked by GPS was 9.6 miles. The approximate cumulative elevation gain was 1,951 feet. Mile markers are shown on the route’s track.

This graph shows the elevation changes encountered during the ramble.

The University of California Life Sciences Building was built in 1930.
The east side of the Berkeley Hills.

Two Cal students, both from South Korea, joined us on this ramble.

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”-Dorothea Lange

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