03 May 2015

San Francisco, from downtown to the Asian Art Museum and a Taiwanese "Fancy Animal Carnival": 3 May 2015

I visited the Asian Art Museum and viewed the outdoor exhibit, "Fancy Animal Carnival" by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi. 

The  "Fancy Animal Carnival" by acclaimed Taiwanese artist Hung Yi was on outdoor display at San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza from 19 April to 2 May. We arrived at the site on 3 May, a day after the exhibit concluded. Fortunately, many of the whimsical sculptures were still viewable.
The route. The approximate distance traveled as tracked by GPS was 9.0 miles. The approximate cumulative elevation gain was 911 feet. Mile markers are shown on the route’s track. 
The graph shows the elevation changes encountered during the ramble.
One Embarcadero Center
The Hyatt Regency Hotel
The cruise ship Norwegian Jewel is docked in San Francisco. 
Julius Castle is San Francisco Landmark #121; it is perched near the summit of Telegraph Hill. Julius Castle is now closed, and its future is unsure. 
Inside the San Francisco Cable Car Powerhouse and Museum
San Francisco's City Hall, as seen from the rear of the building. 


"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange 

"Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important." Henri Carter-Bresson

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." Alfred Eisenstaedt

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