29 March 2021

San Francisco – A Ferris wheel in Golden Gate Park, the Haight-Ashbury District, and the Grateful Dead: 29 March 2021

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The City of San Francisco had this 150-foot high Ferris wheel installed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Golden Gate Park. The coronavirus pandemic canceled the planned celebration. The Ferris wheel will remain through 2025, after which it will be disassembled and removed from the park.
   Here is a 38R bus on Market Street. It is traveling outbound towards the Pacific Ocean.
Arsicault Bakery is located in the Richmond District.
Haight Street.
 Wasteland is located on Haight Street. The building was constructed in 1911.
1677-1681 Haight Street was built in 1906.
2nd Avenue in the Richmond District.
Haight Street.
This corner building on Masonic Avenue at Haight Street was constructed in 1900.
Haight Street.
2nd Avenue in the Richmond District.
2nd Avenue in the Richmond District.
The German Savings and Loan Society had this bank building constructed on Haight Street in 1912.
 The German Savings and Loan Society had this bank building constructed on Clement Street in 1914.
Now  The construction of the Spreckels Temple of Music took place on the  Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park during 1900.
 Then  The Spreckels Temple of Music circa 1903.
The Sharon Art Studio building has been sited in Golden Gate Park since 1888; it is San Francisco Landmark #124.
The de Young Museum is located in Golden Gate Park. This is the latest version of the museum and it was constructed in 1995. The Frida Kahlo exhibition was viewable through 2 May 2021.
This Ferris wheel, currently located in Golden Gate Park, is scheduled for removal in 2025.
  This Giuseppe Verdi Monument is located in Golden Gate Park; it was constructed in 1914. Verdi was born in 1813 and died in 1901.
This Vintage Carousel was built in 1912 in Buffalo, New York. The carousel which was originally powered by steam was brought to Golden Gate Park in 1941. 
Then The intersection of Ashbury Street and Haight street circa 1969. Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh were members of the Grateful Dead.
Now Ashbury Street at Haight Street.
Then The Grateful Dead rented this house, which is located at 710 Ashbury Street.
The location of 710 Ashbury Street
Now 710 Ashbury Street.
Now 710 Ashbury Street.
This ramble was tracked by a GPS; the distance traveled was 4.7 miles.

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"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." Alfred Eisenstaedt

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