13 August 2016

Angel Island, and a hike to the summit of Mount Caroline Livermore: 13 August 2016

I joined a group of hikers on a tramp to the summit of Angel Island. We left from San Francisco's Pier 41 on a Blue & Gold Ferry and disembarked at Ayala Cove on Angel Island. After a quick snack, we started the ascent to the 788 foot (240 meters) summit of Mount Caroline Livermore. The fog in and around San Francisco was a dramatic sight to see; it was in continual motion for a time span of more than five hours.

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On the Sunset Trail as we are climbing to the summit of Mount Caroline Livermore. The vista is looking southwest. San Francisco is under a fog cover as is the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The distance traveled was approximately 6.0 miles (9.6 kilometers). The cumulative elevation gain was about 985 feet (300 meters) Mile markers are displayed on the GPS generated track. 

We are on the ferry traveling to Angel Island. This is a view of the south side of Alcatraz Island

The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the ferry. The view is looking west. 

The ferry is approaching Angel Island. The view is looking northeast.

Camp Reynolds (West Garrison)  was an Army base on Angel Island since the American Civil War. The summit of Mount Caroline Livermore is visible in the distance. This view is looking east. 

We are heading to the Ayala Cove ferry dock at Angel Island. The view is looking south. 

A view looking southwest from the Sunset Trail on Mount Caroline Livermore. 

A view of San Francisco and Alcatraz Island under a fast moving fog bank. An oil tanker is steaming out of San Francisco Bay. In all probability, the tanker discharged Alaskan crude oil at the Chevron Richmond Oil Refinery. It is likely that the tanker is heading back to Alaska for another load of crude oil. The construction of the Richmond oil refinery was completed in 1902; it was the first oil refinery built in California. The view is looking south. 

The site of Fort McDowell (East Garrison)as seen from the North Ridge Trail. In 1900 the Army designated the entire island as Fort McDowell. The island was under military administration for more than 100 years and was off-limits to civilians during that time period. The view is looking east. 

The Tiburon PeninsulaThe view is from the Sunset Trail on Mount Caroline Livermore, looking north

One more image of the in-motion San Francisco fog bank, as seen from the Sunset Trail. In the distance, you can see the presumed Alaskan oil tanker steaming under the Golden Gate Bridge. This view is looking southwest. 

Mount Tamalpais, Belvedere Island and Tiburon as seen from the North Ridge Trail. The view is looking west. 

We took a Blue & Gold Ferry back to San Francisco. It was late afternoon, and many people were with bicycles, waiting to board the ferry. After all the people boarded, we left Angel Island and sailed to Sausalito to take on board more people and their bicycles for the ferry ride back to San Francisco. This is a view of the southeast part of Sausalito. Yes, that is the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge

I was told that the passenger capacity of the ferry is 600 people. The ferry has three decks on which passengers can sit or stand. Each deck was jammed with people. This picture was taken from the lowest deck. 

This graph shows the elevation changes encountered during the hike. 

"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange 

"Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important." Henri Carter-Bresson

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." Alfred Eisenstaedt

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