27 July 2017

Korea, Part Eight – Photographs taken in 1968 & 1969

These photographs were taken during 1968 and 1969 when I was in the U.S. Army stationed in the Republic of Korea for thirteen months.

On 3 September 2016, I was contacted by a representative of the National Archives of Korea, a branch of the federal government of the Republic of Korea. The National Archives of Korea were interested in acquiring my Korean photographs. I was honored by their request, and I donated approximately 900 original color and black-and-white photographs to the Korean people. 

On 2 February 2017, I went to the Republic of Korea's San Francisco Consulate. Jung Yoon-Ho, the Deputy Consul-General welcomed me; I gave him the film and associated documents. The film was then sent to Seoul via diplomatic pouch.

Below are some of the photos that I took while stationed in South Korea. The National Archives of Korea expertly scanned and digitized each image 

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Go Here to view Korea Part Six

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Go Here to view Korea Part Twelve

I visited Japan during 1968 and 1969. Here are some of the photographs that I took while in Japan. 

Go Here to view Japan, Part One

Go Here to view Japan, Part Two
Would you like to see additional photographs taken while I was stationed in Korea? If so, I suggest that you view my Korean photo page.

These photos were taken with a Nikon F 35mm camera mounted with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens.

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