09 December 2019

James Tissot's paintings were on display at San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum: December 2019

James Tissot was born on 15 October 1836 in Nantes, near the Loire River in western France. He died in Doubs, France, on 8 August 1902.

I visited the Legion of Honor to view James Tissot's splendid paintings. I took photographs of some of his paintings, as seen below. His pictures were presented at the Legion of Honor's James Tissot: Fashion & Faith exhibitionThe exhibition was open to the public from 12 October 2019 through 9 February 2020.

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October 1877.

The Ladies of the Cars, circa 1883-1885. Also known as The Ladies of the Chariots.

 The Fan, 1875.

 The Japanese Scroll, 1872-1873.

Painters and Their Wives, circa 1883-1885. Also known as The Artists' Wives. 

Young Woman Looking at the Chinese Temple, 1869.

The departure of the Prodigal Son, 1863.

The Ball on Shipboard, 1874.

Spring, 1865.

The Partie Carrée, 1870.

 Chrysanthemums, circa 1876.

The Ball, 1878.

The Thames, 1875.

 The Captain's Daughter, 1873.

 The Gallery of  HMS "Calcutta" (Portsmouth), circa 1876.

The Bridesmaid, circa 1883-1885.

Marguerite in Church, circa 1860.

 Meeting of Faust and Marguerite, 1860.

Provincial Woman, circa 1883-1885.

 Young Woman Looking at Japanese Objects, 1869.

Portrait of Captain Frederick Burnaby, 1870.

The Circle of the Rue Royale, 1868.

The Two Sisters: Portrait, 1863.

Promenade on the Ramparts, 1864.

Mrs. Newton with a Parasol, 1878.

Hampton Court. Also known as A Visit to the Park, circa 1882.

Kathleen Newton at the Piano, circa 1880-1881.

Visit The Louvre, 1870-1880, also known as Foreign Visitors at the Louvre.

 Portrait of Mlle, 1864.

Spring (Specimen of a Portrait), 1877.

The "Young Lady" of the Shop, circa 1883-1885.

Winter or Mavourneen, also known as Portrait of Kathleen Newton, 1877.

The Prodigal Son in Modern Life: The Fatted Calf, 1880.

The Prodigal Son in Modern Life: The Departure, 1880.

The Prodigal Son in Modern Life: The Return, 1880.

The Departure of the Prodigal Son, 1863.

Afternoon Tea in the Conservatory, 1874.

The Convalescent, 1875.

Summer Evening. Also known as The Dreamer, 1881-1882.

Mrs. Newton Resting on a Chaise Lounge, circa 1881-1882.

Hide and Seek, circa 1877.

Study for "The Sphinx" (Woman in an Interior), circa 1883-1885.

A Nimrod. Also known as The Little Nimrod, circa 1882-1883.

Croquet, 1877-1878.

The Reply, also known as The Letter, 1874.

The Elder Sister, 1879-1880.

Portrait of the Marquis and Marquise de Miramon and their Children, 1865.

London Visitors, 1873-1874.

Waiting in the Shallows, 1873.

Holyday, 1876.

The Last Evening, 1873.

James Tissot (1836-1902) painted this self-portrait circa 1865.

Portrait of the Pilgrim, a self-portrait of James Tissot, 1886-1894.

The main entrance to the Legion of Honor museum.

Here is a view from the Legion of Honor looking north. Ahead, across San Francisco Bay, is the Marin Headlands.
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