31 May 2015

The San Francisco Bay Trail and the opening of the Ferry Point Loop Trail in Richmond: 31 May 2015

Two new additions to the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond were officially opened. The additions were made to the Point Richmond area of the Bay Trail. The new changes to the trail network enabled the East Bay Regional Park District to open a new trail loop: The Ferry Point Loop Trail. I decided to go to Point Richmond on Sunday to participate in the "Grand Opening Schedule of Festivities." The event took place across the street from the Richmond Plunge. After the grand opening celebration, I decided to ramble about and see what was done to the Bay Trail. The improvements are helpful; they promote safety and will be appreciated by both pedestrians and bicyclists. One of the improvements was widening the walkway/bike path that goes through the Richmond Ferry Tunnel. The other improvement for bicyclists and pedestrians provides a second access route to historic Richmond Kaiser Shipyard 3

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The grand opening ceremony. 
Bruce Beyaert is the chairman of the Trails for Richmond Action Committee
A view of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, as seen from Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline park. 
Angel Island is on the left; the northern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge is visible. The view is from Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline
The remains of the Richmond Ferry Terminal
These building remnants are located adjacent to the remains of the Richmond Ferry Terminal. 
San Francisco is in the background, and the western span of the Bay Bridge is on the left. It is foggy and windy. The breakwater was constructed when the Richmond Kaiser Shipyards were in operation. A view from Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. 
This is the SS Red Oak Victory, a World War II Victory Ship built at the Richmond Kaiser Shipyards
Another view from within Kaiser Shipyard #3. The Red Oak Victory's bow can be seen on the left. A Whirley Crane is the center of attraction in this snap. This example was manufactured during WWII and was used at the Kaiser Shipyards during the war. 
The building is the former site of Ford Motor Company's Richmond assembly plant. It has had a fascinating historyIn the background is a view of San Pablo Ridge
The map shows the route of the majority of the ramble. The approximate distance traveled as tracked by GPS was 6.2 miles. The approximate cumulative elevation gain was 131 feet. Mile markers are shown on the route’s track.
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