18 August 2015

San Francisco Fire Department Engine Company No. 7 - Then & Now: 18 August 2015

I wrote a few days ago: "I think this building has probably had an interesting history..." I did a little research and I found out that the building was used as a City of San Francisco Fire Station from 1907 to 1968. In addition, the building site was used as the location for a fire station since January 1854. This building was the third fire station to occupy this site which is located at 3160 16th Street in the Inner Mission District of San Francisco.

I was able to locate a picture of this building that is circa 1958. A bright red shiny firetruck is peaking out of the front door. You can see that photograph below. Click on the image to see the full-size photograph.
Built in 1907; active as a Fire Station until March of 1968. Photo circa 1958.

San Francisco Fire Dept Engine Company No. 7 was located at 3160 16th Street. 

Neighborhood: Inner Mission

History of Engine Company No. 7

1854   January 1st, home of Young America Engine Company No. 13
1866   December 3rd, Young America Engine Company No. 13 disbanded
1866   December 3rd, Hose Company No. 5 organized and assigned to quarters
1868   April 15th, Engine Company No. 7 organized and assigned to quarters 
1894   Chemical Engine Co. No. 7 relocated from Masonic Avenue and Java Street
1906   April 18th, building was destroyed in 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
1906   Earthquake or Fire damage to the firehouse valued at $12,000.  Cost of new building $22,000
1907   Engine Co. No. 7 returned to the new quarters after temporary 1906 housing at 3623 - 17th Street
1907   Chemical Engine Co. No. 9 organized and assigned to quarters
1916   Chemical Engine Co. No. 9 relocated to Truck Co. No. 6, 349 Hermann Street
1917   Chemical Engine Co. No. 7 disbanded
1918   Converted to motorized apparatus
1941   November 1st, Battalion 6 relocated from Engine Co. No. 13, 1458 Valencia Street
1952   Auxiliary Engine Co. No. 22 organized and assigned to quarters
1968   March 12th, Engine Co. No. 7 relocated to new quarters at 80 Digby Street
1968   3160 16th Street was sold at a City & County of San Francisco public auction

This wooden structure on the corner of Albion Street is the third firehouse to be built on this site. In 1854 the Young America Engine Company, with their hand drawn apparatus, occupied the first firehouse built here. In 1868 the newly organized Engine Company No. 7, with their horse drawn steam engine, was stationed here. The firehouse was lost in the 1906 Fire. In 1907 the firehouse was rebuilt with a simple corniced structure.  In 1918 the company received a 1916 American LaFrance Type 45 chain drive 6 cylinder 120 HP engine with a combination 900 GPM rotary gear pump and hose wagon and the horses were retired. On March 12, 1968, Engine Company No. 7 and the auxiliary engine assigned here were moved to new quarters at 80 Digby Street in Diamond Heights, and the firehouse at 3160 16th Street was closed.

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