29 November 2020

Views of Point Molate, Point Isabel, and Winehaven: November 2020

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This photograph was taken from Point Molate Beach Park. The view is looking west, and Mount Tamalpais is visible in the distance. The 5.5 miles long Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, which was constructed between 1953 and 1956, is the northernmost of the five San Francisco Bay bridge crossings. This bridge replaced a ferry service previously provided by the Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Company.

This map shows the locations where photographs were taken for this posting: Point Molate, Point Isabel, and the Albany Bulb.

A view looking west from Point Isabel.

Albany Hill as seen from Point Isabel. This view is looking east.

Costco is located on Point Isabel.

 A view from Point Isabel 
looking northwest

Ahead are the sites of the four Kaiser Richmond shipyards built during WWII. Over 90,000 women and men worked at the shipyards during WWII, and 747 ships were built during the war. This is a view from Point Isabel, looking northwest. Mount Tamalpais is on the left, partially hidden by clouds. This four image panoramic picture was taken on 2 February 2021.

A view looking west across San Francisco Bay, as seen from Point Isabel. San Francisco is visible ahead, as is the southern portion of the Golden Gate Bridge and the eastern and western spans of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge.

This picture was taken from the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. Point Richmond is on the right, and Marin County and Mount Tamalpais are on the left. The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, which is barely visible in this photo, connects the two areas. This is a panoramic photo that consists of three images, and the view is looking northwest.

Houseboats docked at Point San Pablo Harbor.

This is the entryway to the Point Molate Naval Fuel Depot site and also the site of Winehaven, which during the early Twentieth Century, was the largest winery in the world.

Winehaven, circa 2010.

Winehaven, date unknown.

California Wine Association / Winehaven advertisement.

Winehaven, date unknown.

This photograph of Winehaven was taken circa 1933.

Winehaven provided housing for some of its employees. Several houses dating back to the early twentieth century are still standing, unoccupied, and off-limits.

Winehaven housing.

 The Richmond–San Rafael Bridge and Mount Tamalpais are seen ahead. This view is looking west.


"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange 

"Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important." Henri Carter-Bresson

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." Alfred Eisenstaedt

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 These photographs were taken with a Sony camera.

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